At Dublin Vinyl
we are committed
to creating a sustainable future.

Preserving our planet for future generations is a priority for a product that celebrates generational longevity, which is why we are taking significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint and make the manufacturing process as sustainable as possible.

Our commitment to sustainability has allowed us to work with our primary PVC supplier INEOS, very successfully testing their new low carbon EcoVin™ compound that is revolutionary in the industry.

This compound has significantly reduced the carbon emissions produced during the manufacturing process, making any vinyl records pressed using EcoVin™ the most environmentally friendly option available. This compound is not only more environmentally friendly, but it also meets the high-quality standards that music enthusiasts expect from vinyl records. It has been extensively tested to ensure that it produces records with excellent sound quality and durability.

Additionally, we are proud to offer carbon-neutral printing, which ensures that the production of our packaging materials has a minimal impact on the environment. We also use renewable energy sources throughout our facilities to further reduce our carbon emissions.

At Dublin Vinyl, we believe in leading by example. By prioritising sustainability in our manufacturing process, we are setting a new standard for the industry. Our dedication to sustainability and innovation allows us to produce some of the greenest vinyl records internationally, without compromising the high quality records we are known to produce.

Our presses, equipment and offices are powered by electricity from renewable sources, primarily wind. Our Eco-Vinyl Records are manufactured using our energy-efficient, gas fuelled steam boiler, powered by biomethane.

Following years of R&D and testing, our PVC partner INEOS has introduced a new compound formulation that has a 90% lower Carbon Footprint than their standard Vinyl Record PVC. The innovative formula is made with sustainable raw materials, and the manufacturing process is optimised to minimise energy consumption and waste generation. A world first, these compounds do not compromise on product quality and performance, whilst moving the market closer towards a carbon neutral future.

In 2021 our primary print partner became Ireland’s 1st Carbon Balanced Printer. They have undergone extensive auditing by CarbonCo in the UK, and have now been certified by the World Land Trust. All inks are supplied by HUBER, a noted Environmental Campaigner and Champion. All inks provided and used in the production process are Bio-degradable and are also free from VOC and toxic materials. Our Print Partners comply with environmental industrial standards including ISO14001.

All of the paper used for our print is from managed sources and all of our paper suppliers are PEFC or FSC certified. This provides reassurance to our clients that their products are verifiable and from legal and sustainable sources. The mill that supplies a majority of our paper and board stock, has been a carbon positive company for the last 17 years. Dublin Vinyl now carbon offset all of the paper and board products that we supply through the Carbon Offsetting Scheme.

As a member of Ecologi, we avoid 9 Tonnes of CO2 p/a for each member of our team by planting trees every month and financing carbon avoidance projects from around the world.

We choose our suppliers not only for their ability to deliver the high quality we expect, but also by demonstrating ecological sustainability in their business practices. CO2 emissions can now be offset through our worldwide shipping partners.